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Grand Inauguration 15.08.2018

The Indian National Flag hoisting the Pratibeshi Sanstha is inaugurated.

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Feeding your old age through Pratibeshi Sanstha (neighboring organization)15.08.2018.

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Some financial help was given to the helpless old woman by the organization. 31.08.2018

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Children from poor families were provided puja clothes by the organization. 16.10.2018

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A member of the organization introduced humanity by voluntarily donating blood to a sick woman at the hospital. 08.2019

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Celebrate the organization’s first year. On 15th August, the confectionery of the blind students was observed on the occasion of Independence Day and Rakhi Purnima, on behalf of the organization. 15.08.2019

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Look at the talent of this blind boy  Play This Video

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Winter clothing was Distributed to the Helpless poor and old by the “Pratibeshi Sanstha”

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Providing winter clothes to a helpless pedestrian

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